What to Do
If You are being Abused


Take the abuse seriously

  • It may not be so bad now, but remember that abuse tends to get worse and worse over time.
  • Trust your feelings.  If it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.  You are not “overly sensitive” or “too dramatic” when you are hurting, whether it be physically or emotionally.
  • Abuse can be very dangerous, even for teens.
  • Remember, there is NO EXCUSE FOR ABUSE.  Jealousy, insecurity, being really nice most of the time, and “having a temper” does NOT make the abuse okay.


Tell the abuser that the abuse must stop

  • Make it very clear that you will not tolerate any abuse.  If he/she promises to never do it again, hold them accountable.  Stopping abusive behaviors for awhile and then doing it again does not count as changing! 
  • Tell the person you will end the relationship if the abuse does not stop immediately, and follow through if necessary.
  • If you do decide to end the relationship, ask for help, and see the Teen Safety Plan


Ask for help

  • Tell your parents so that they can help you. 
  • If it’s too difficult to tell your parents, talk to a teacher, school counselor, Rabbi, or Youth Director.
  • Contact any of the teen resources.
  • Contact the police if you feel harassed, threatened, or if your boyfriend/girlfriend has ever been physically abusive.
  • Receiving support from trusted friends is great, but adults and professionals can best help keep you safe.