Types of Dating Abuse


Emotional Abuse
You are being emotionally abused if someone

  • Tries to control your time spent with others
  • Calls you names or makes you feel stupid
  • Blames you for his/her abusive behaviors
  • Tells you nobody else will want you
  • Contstantly checks on your (monitoring calls, facebook, texts, email, etc.)
  • Tells you that you're "just too sensitive" when your feelings are hurt



Physical Abuse
You are being physically abused if someone

  • Gets in your face during an argument (intimidation)
  • Prevents you from leaving the room
  • Threatens to hit you
  • Throws things at you or around you
  • Breaks or smashes things when angry
  • Slaps, hits, grabs, chokes, kicks or harms you in any physical way


Sexual Abuse
You are being sexually abused if someone

  • Threatens to have sex with someone else if you won't have sex with him/her
  • Sends suggestive pictures of you to others
  • Tells you that you are a prude
  • Spreads sexual rumors about you