Types of Bullying


Physical bullying
Hitting, pushing, tripping, punching walls, getting in your face, threatening to hurt you, your friends, or your family


Property bullying
Stealing your belongings, breaking or smashing your belongings, taking and then misusing your belongings (e.g. taking your cell phone and then sending inappropriate texts)


Verbal bullying
Name calling, yelling, making fun of you, constantly criticizing what you say, wear, like, or do


Accusation bullying
Accusing you of doing things you did not do (e.g. stealing) just to try to get you in trouble, threatening to say you did something you did not do


Social bullying
Spreading rumors, rolling eyes at you when you walk by, turning other people against you, making fun of people who are friends with you, excluding you from lunch or social events


Telling you to do things you are not comfortable doing in order to be friends with a person or a group

"Sticks and stones might break my bones but names can never hurt me.”
Is this true??