Stop Bullying
Do Your Part!



  • Attempt to confront the bully in a respectful but assertive way.
  • If possible, ask friends to accompany you when you walk the halls and during lunch.
  • Change the security settings on your MySpace or Facebook page so that only your
    friends can post comments, or so that you have to approve of comments first before they
    appear on your page.
  • Avoid websites where bullying often occurs, such as Formspring.
  • Keep a journal of all bullying incidents in case you need to report it later.
  • Tell a teacher or guidance counselor about the bullying.  Disclosing bullying is NOT
  • If a serious incident occurs, contact law enforcement.
  • Find ways to cope, including hobbies, synagogue activities, and talking about it. 
  • Talk to a parent, friend’s parent, hotline, or counselor IMMEDIATELY if you begin to feel depressed, hopeless, or suicidal.



  • Avoid participating in bullying, such as watching fights or spreading rumors.
  • Stop being friends with people who bully others, even if they are nice to you.  Tell
    them that you will not be friends with them until they stop their behavior.
  • Be strong enough to stick up for someone who is being bullied.
  • Demonstrate kindness and respect to people who are often targeted.  Even if the victim is not your friend, your behavior will still show an example of how to treat someone properly, and will help the victim feel less alone.
  • Tell a teacher or guidance counselor if you witness bullying.  The victim may not feel safe enough to report it himself/herself.
  • Remember, by doing nothing, you are actually doing something….you are allowing it to happen.  You could be held accountable for the bullying as well.



  • Explore the reasons why you bully others.  You may find that you have feelings of anger or insecurity that you need to work on. 
  • Admit to your mistakes and work on improving the way you treat others.  If you can, find the courage to apologize!  You will earn respect from others.
  • Try to see the good in others, even if you do not particularly like them.
  • Talk to a counselor if you need help stopping your bullying behaviors.
  • Remember the serious consequences of bullying.  You WILL be held legally accountable, regardless of your age, if someone gets hurt or hurts themselves as a result of your bullying! 
  • You do not have to like or be friends with everyone. However, EVERYONE deserves to be treated with respect!