Evaluate your Relationship


Think of a friendship or relationship you have with someone, and answer the following questions:


  1. Can you name at least 5 characteristics of this person that you like and admire?
  2. Is this person glad you have other friends, and is it fine with him/her if you want time alone with them?
  3. Does this person respect your opinion about things, even if it is different from his/hers?
  4. Does this person talk AND listen?
  5. Can you be yourself around this person?
  6. Do you have to watch what you say/do/dress like around this person because he/she might get mad at you or make fun of you?
  7. Does this person criticize your friends?  Interests?  Activities?
  8. Do you respect the way that this person treats other people, including “the school nerd”, waitress,
    his/her siblings, teachers, parents, etc.?
  9. Does this person lose his/her temper easily?
  10. Does this person often “joke” in a hurtful way?
  11. Does this person congratulate your accomplishments and encourage you?