What is Cyberbullying?
Also called ‘electronic bullying’ or ‘online social bullying’, cyberbullying is being cruel to others by deliberately and sometimes repeatedly harassing or threatening an individual or group through sending or posting harmful material using technological means.


How is it done?



Email Emailing threatening messages
Cell phones Harassing phone calls blocking caller ID
Text messages Spreading rumors or bad pictures through texts
Instant messaging Creating a false IM account and then “faking a crush” on that person
Videos YouTube video of getting beaten up, distributing embarrassing videos
Defamatory websites Creating a “We hate John/Jane” website
Social networking sites Telling people to “un-friend” someone on Facebook
Online polling “How many people in the school think John/Jane is ugly?”
Chat rooms Entering a chat room with someone then berating them


Why do people use cyberbullying?

  • The bully feels anonymous              
  • The barb reaches a lot of people at once        
  • The bullying can be easy to get away with        


The big problem with cyberbullying
In the “old days” before technology was widely used by teens, of course people were still bullied, but they had a safe place to escape from the place the bullying occurred (usually school).  For example, they had different friends at synagogue, at their extracurricular activities, or at home, away from the bullying.  With technology allowing the rumors to spread everywhere, victims feel they have no safe place to turn. Also, things posted on the Internet can be permanently out there, thus “haunting” the victim.  It is theorized that this is why we have seen an increased  suicide rate among teen victims of  bullying in recent years.


Once you release something into the cyberworld, you can never take it back!