Characteristics of Bullies 


An abusive person will usually exhibit many of the following characteristics:


  • Has feelings of low self worth, even though he/she acts like he/she is better than everyone
  • Is unable to express anger or hurt feelings in a constructive way
  • Often blames others for his/her problems or actions
  • Is controlling of others
  • Insists that his way, or her opinion, is the right one
  • Is often jealous of others and overly competitive
  • Comes from a family in which there is name-calling, put downs, or controlling behaviors
  • Appears to have a dual personality (very nice sometimes, very mean other times)
  • “Jokes around” in a hurtful way
  • Excludes other people
  • Expects you not to hang out with people that they don’t like 
  • Rushes into relationships. You are best friends, or become boyfriend/girlfriend, right away. 
  • Has unrealistic expectations or demands. You have to look/be a certain way in order to be with him. You have to do things the way she wants them. Has a  “my way or the highway” attitude.